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Thread: hobbywing program box help

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    hobbywing program box help

    Good evening, I am trying to update my program box with the new software. On the page for software, the hardware version is HW310 V1.0, software version is V1.06_100617 and the choice version is V1.07_110119 but when i click upgrade the message is

    "The current version (V1.06_100617) can not be updated to the version (V1.07_110119)!"

    Any one know what I am doing wrong? The program box is connected to the laptop but not to the speed controller and I started the program by right clicking and selecting run as administrator


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    Oh it gets worse! It let me update the software on the speed controller so I can change settings with the laptop and program box but if I just try to use the program box it says Please upgrade software

    I think is because I have loaded speed passion firmware onto the program box in the past, is there a way to downgrade the program box software?

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    Guest Member overson has a level 1 reputation
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    where you trying to update the program box before the speedo.
    I found it would not let me do that, i had to update the speedo first then the program box.

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    Guest Member stumpiey has a level 1 reputation
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    i had this problem, first upgrade the esc, then select the lowest version and send to the box, unplug the box, plug it back into the pc, open the programe as admin, select the version you want and send it to the box.

    PM me if you are still having problems


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    Thanks for the help guys I tried the above but didnt get anywhere, in the end I managed to get a solution by downloading the latest SP software (1.35??) and updating the program card with that and then loading the latest SP software to the speedo. I think the problem stems from me loading SP firmware to the program card in the past and the latest hobbywing firmware looks like an older revision so it wont let you down grade (just due to the way SP and HW denote their firmware versions). I did find a post on another forum saying some versions of the program box cannot be down graded firmware wise.

    Not sure if all that was clear but in short, it looks like if you upgrade your program card firmware with the Speed Passion firmware, you have to stick to the SP software from that point on as the Hobby Wing firmware has a lower number so the program box thinks it is an older version and wont let you down grade



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    Guest Member kev-ed has a level 1 reputation
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    I have the Speed Passion program box and
    have downloaded the v1.35 version software for the laptop and from that I then dowloaded the esc with the v2.0_101212STOCK software.

    What I cant seem to do however is update the actual programmer box.. the only option for the programmer box (from the 1.35 laptop software) is V1.06_100617.
    This V1.06_100617 version doesnt include being able to see the new features of the esc software .

    Any ideas as to what version of the SP programmer box I need thats later than V1.06_100617 ?

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    Administrator Andy Oldman has a level 1 reputation Andy Oldman's Avatar
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    had the same problem, bought a new hobbywing box in the end
    i was told that the older speed passion boxes were locked to stop them being upgraded
    BUT i was told this by the guy selling hobbywing boxes,so ??
    but then new box is working well so well happy now
    *come to the dark side we have cookies*

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    Guest Member Olly has a level 1 reputation
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    I had a similar problem trying to update my Speedpassion box to take the latest Hobbywing box firmware.
    I managed to get round this by using V1.35 SP software and downgrading the box to a much earlier version first, then was able to upgrade that to the latest box software using the HW ver 1.63 softwre.

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    I am not so good that I would probably notice the difference between the SP and HW software, I am happy as long as I have the latest of one or the other so that temps are lower! But i may have to try ollys suggestion just to see if I can get it to work!

    Whilst others are reading, anyone found out how to get the SP software to check for updates? Mine always comes up with network error (even when run as administrator) yet the hobby wing software works fine??

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